Chaljeri Meats

The full heat of summer has been upon us these past few weeks. It has been hotter than any time in the 7 years I have been in the Catskills. We don’t have air conditioning so it’s been a full blast of fans and ice water. The grass growth has slowed to a crawl and the herd would rather be in the shade then eat (now that’s hot).

Before I jump into an update on Chaljeri I am happy to report the Greenhouse is in full force. This year our friend Lucy is helping out and has really had at it. Lucy is an artist by day and has approached the Greenhouse with an artistic green thumb to great effect. We have a tremendous trellis of cucumbers growing, fennel, tomatoes plants that are 8 feet high staked with twine and vines of other plants and, most exciting, is the fact that our artichokes are starting to crown (see attached picture). Now, let’s test your knowledge. See if you can guess what vegetable is shown I the other picture with the longish white/purple flower. I will reveal the answer at the bottom of the page.

Now to the meat business!! Chaljeri has been very busy. We recently began selling in the largest super market chain in Sullivan County, Pecks. We also have begun a partnership with several cross-fit gyms in Manhattan and Queens where we make bi-weekly deliveries of our Paleo-Packs (if you don’t know what a Paleo-Pack is go to our website and if you don’t know what the Paleo Diet is Google it! We are also proud sponsors of the CrossFit  Dynamix team competing this week in California at the CrossFit Games which are being televised by ESPN. And this past Sunday Ali and I worked the farmer’s market in Roscoe, NY where I griddled up samples while Ali worked the crowd. She is a real beef babe.

Next week Jim, Ali and I are headed to Ranch School in Wichita, KS for a full week of “Putting Profit into Ranching”. It should be very educational and bit of fun. I will report more upon our return.

Answer: Okra

July 25, 2013