Chaljeri Meats


Thinly slice up 5 or 6 large scallions. Make sure to chop off the roots and then slice up to half way up the green portion.

Melt three or four heaping table spoons of butter (we use Smart balance) in skillet. Throw in the scallions.

When they are softened, place two pork butt steaks in the pan and scoop some of the scallions on top.

Pour in beer so that there is about 1/4 inch of beer in skillet. (I used Stella Artois - thats what we had. I think a a darker beer that has some sweetness would be better)

Sprinkle some freshly ground pepper on the steak.

Once you see that the bottom is browned, flip the steak and repeat, putting some scallion on top and then peppering.

Then I cover the pan with lid and let it continue to cook. Using the lid keeps the steak from drying out.

To see if ready, I cut into the steak, there should be no pink showing, it should be an even white.

Once for the last few seconds I turn the flame on high just to slightly burn the outside, (just for aesthetics, ;) . . .)

Place on plate and scoop some of the scallion on top of each steak. Then I splash a heaping spoonful of apple sauce on top.

It is mmmm-mmmmm-good!

recipe donated from our good friend Charles Farruggio

July 29, 2013